Medicinal Mushroom Extracts

Shiitake Immune Support

Lentinus edodes aka Shiitake is a medicinal mushroom that contains the immune boosting compound: lentinan. Lentinan has been shown to prevent oxidation of DNA and even heal chromosome damage. This anti-aging compound has also been shown to combate tumor growth. Lentinan is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Lentinan has an immunomodulating effect by stimulating the immune system and regulating its functions. Another active compound within Shiitake is eritadenin, which is shown to support cardiovascular health and reduce cholesterol levels.

Lion’s Mane Brain Tonic

Hericium erinaceus aka Lion’s Mane is a medicinal mushroom that contains the neuroactive compounds: hericenones and erinacenes which have been shown to stimulate nerve regeneration in the central nervous system. These compounds have been studied extensively and are shown to improve memory and mood, repair nerve damage and create a modulated immune response to improve overall health.

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Extraction Process:

To create our double extracted tinctures we combine powdered dried fruit bodies with oak aged brandy, 5 parts liquid to 1 part mushroom. The alcohol soluble compounds are extracted into the liquid over a period of six weeks. Afterwards we separate the material and combine the mushroom with reverse osmosis water and brought to a low simmer for six hours, Tahitian vanilla bean is added for flavor and increased benefits. We then remove the remaining powdered mushroom from the tea and combine both liquid extractions, 60% water 40% alcohol for shelf stability. This dual extraction process ensures high concentrations of both beta glucans and triterpenes which are then rendered bioavailable.

We grow our mushrooms on untreated, organically supplemented, hardwood.

Our final product is cultivated and crafted with love to be the highest quality and potency available.


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